9 months – Happier, Less irritation, Better sleep, Closer to family & friends,

I tried so many times before I found nofap to quit but any stressful situation would lead to a relapse. Thank you for all the posts here they still help a great deal.

Many benefits:

  • Being happy the best 1.
  • Not feeling guilty, angry, embarrassed.
  • Being closer to my family and friends.
  • Less irritation with others as I like myself more.
  • Financially I got about 14k raise that was long overdue.
  • Spiritually, I find inner peace even when faced with stressful situations.
  • Better sleep since its guilt free sleep not pmo based sleep.
  • Learned a lot more on YouTube as I didn’t spend time on searching for porn or chat outlets.
  • Porn and fapping conquered now working on fantasies. Nofantasy.

LINK – 9 months 🙂

by anon4this_tes