90 Day Report: Top Five Things I’ve Noticed (and no more PIED!)


I’ve been trying to do no fap for about 3 years now, only having streaks for as long as weeks. This year I’ve been having streaks as long as 30 days, but today I’ve hit 90!!!! Next up 180!!!!!

I had PIED with my gf earlier this year, and honestly it finally hit me that I NEEDED to make a change. I know we all don’t really need to change until things get really bad, and I’ve let my addiction consume me until it was really bad and really affecting my relationship with my gf. I was taking life and my relationship for granted.

Top 5 things I’ve noticed about myself in the past 90 days:

  1. My relationship with my gf is way better in every single aspect, I am appreciating her for how I should have been appreciating her. I’ve learned how to be a better partner, and enjoy every single second I have with her

  2. WAY more focus. I don’t have brain fog during work, and don’t get as distracted or have the need for a dopamine rush. I don’t waste time PMO’ing, or sexualizing everything.

  3. The self control I’ve gained has leaked into every other aspect in my life, overall making me a better person.

  4. I’ve had way more time for hobbies and things that ACTUALLY matter

  5. I’ve altered my mindset so that I get more dopamine from overcoming urges rather than PMO’ing.

I’ve also noticed that I’m really starting to rewire my brain. All the terrible things that porn has made me into, I’ve started to become “normal” again.

Overall, I don’t really think that much about no fap all the time. I honestly didn’t know I hit 90 days today until my countdown app gave me a notification. It has become a part of my lifestyle. Every day I wake up and am happy that I’m doing something great for myself. Even if it is a shit day, I can end off knowing that I didn’t fap, ultimately making it a great day!

So if you’re reading this, I just KNOW you’re going to hit 90 or whatever goal you’re reaching. Don’t think about it in the long run, thing about it as TODAY. You will get used to it, and it will become a part of your lifestyle! Every day is a little contribution to your AMAZING future. You fucking got this.

LINK – 90 DAYS!!!!! I DID IT !!!!!!!!!!

By – u/PythonMate195