90 days – After 5 years I finally made it!

I waited until my badge turned blue until I posted, because I’ve always wanted to have it, legit 90 days free from PMO!

It took me 5 years to get here. My best streak was around 50 days before this. And I’ve seen a lot happen with me from 50-92. And it keeps getting better. Benefits: Actually wanting to do stuff that just seemed challenging before. Confidence, I look better? Better social life, nothing magical, just I enjoy talking to people more and therefore I’m having more fun. Girls just look incredible now, they always do. But now there’s new things about girls I haven’t noticed before. I get more looks from girls. More motivation to workout and do creative stuff. I even enjoy tv shows and music better. I’m feeling more love in my heart. Like actual romance love. I have butterflies in my stomach sometimes for no reason. etc etc etc!

I promise you, if I can do this so can you. Because I’ve been pretty deep down in this addiction. You just have to decide to cut loose from it. Now in retrospection, it seems easy. But I know that all it takes is to start thinking about P and you might relapse.

So that’s all you have to do, never think about it again. And if you do, accept it but don’t think about it again. And then it passes. And it gets easier with time!

Good luck!

LINK – 90 days! After 5 years I finally made it!

by YouAndMeInfinite