90 Days – Bigger eyes, No brain fog, More social, Woman attraction, More energy, High confidence

Guys this journey I faced lots of ups and downs but my friends I hadn’t quit !

Some days extremely harsh I think most of it – but slowly slowly I bypass all days and get motivation from nofap community members !! So thnxx all !!

I won’t write a big post but I am really happy I have done

Some major benefits i feel only truth:

  1. Big eyes
  2. No brain fog.
  3.  More social
  4. Woman attraction
  5. More energy
  6. High confidence

Guys, nofap works really!!!!

Problems I faced:NIGHTFALL [wet dreams]

Every 7th day I had nightfall i know it wont affect brain but loosing sperms frequently is not good please nofap experts plz help me

Only this problem i have now plz help me how I can stop nightfall or maximize nightfall period Thank you all!!


by prateek_96