Age 23 – 90 days complete! My tips and benefits

Hi all! First of all God bless u!

So after another 35 days of fight i am here to maybe encourage someone to take this hard and difficult path. Here you can read my thoughts after 55 days

So what changed from this time? I have wet dreams. After 5 or more years! I am confident as hell. I don’t need to drink alcohol to have great party. I just enjoy music and dancing with friends. I train a lot. I used to swim a lot when I was younger. Then i stopped. And what happened? I am about to represent my university in Poland University championship in swimming. One week ago i won silver medal in swimming in regional championship. I lost weight. I still experience this strange attraction from women. They touch me, smile to me and want to dance with me. I completely stopped drinking alcohol. It is now about 4 weeks without it. Most of women are impressed when I dance and I tell them I am not drunk at all .

There are some drawbacks I think. I use my smartphone too much, but i don’t watch nothing dirty. In future i will delete my Fb acc. and but old good nokia 3310 to stop putting my nose into screen. Sometimes I feel like I am gonna explode but I still have energy to fight over the urges. And i don’t read much books. But it will change ASAP.

Sometimes I don’t have energy to do anything and stay in bed, but after hour or 2 i woke up and do workout and other stuff. Maybe that’s flatline? I don’t know but most of a time it is ok.

I improved my general hygiene and cleaned up mess around me in my flat. I have a lot of self-confidence. I don’t allow someone to insult me now. Also, I am about to join army an become lieutenant in 2 years! My dreams will come true. And finally i have respect to myself. No more brain fog, no more sad eyes.

So my tips:

-Accept that you have a big problem.

-OLD DAMN GOOD COLD SHOWERS. (no need to explain why)

-Music. I play guitar and listen to music

-I meet friends whenever i can! I avoid staying at home. As I said before, i go to the parties even when I am not about drink

-Before sleeping i imagine being with girl i like a lot. Dates, her smile, my future with her. Nothing dirty. Only good emotions.

-While sleeping i listen to skyrim soundtracks

-Helping others. I told about my problem to few good friends. I told them to try this for thier own and i am glad they discovered the truth.

-WORKOUT. We cant store energy inside so use it to train! I swim, do push-ups and dance all night

-Avoid touching your… you know what

-Don’t use tinder and other stupid stuff.

-When u think about specific women, think about dating her, smile, jokes and simply being with her. Don’t think about her attributes

-And most important. Pray. I know not everybody believe in God, but those who do, ask for help.

Well that’s all i think. I still didn’t find my girlfriend, but i hope it will change soon. But indeed, i don’t look on girls as objects as i used too. Still they can impress me by their look, but know if she doesn’t impress me with her inside beauty i don’t want to waste time with her.

Now i think i am almost cured. But it is good to remember that every day is day 1. I think that this community is one of the best things in my life. I never thought i will be free(almost) .

LINK – 90 days complete! My tips and benefits

by Seawolfee