90 Days completed – Here are some benefits

1- Confidence: I talk to anyone like I know them.

2- Less sleep needed

3- Motivation: Motivated to start any new skill and do anything that will improve my life.

4- Morning wood is now common

5- Attraction

6- People get jealous because you’re improved, it feels amazing and you improve yourself more.

7- Started new habits, Meditation, gym, Drawing.

8- Happy mood all the time.

9- Family time is amazing.

10- Mobile addiction lost.

11- Healthy eating, less sugar go in my body, Start eating rich protein foods, beans, chickpeas, oatmeal, eggs, honey, seeds, nuts, dates, and much more.

12- Research on new things that I didn’t know.

13- Reading is improved, I started reading and read 3 non fictional books in last almost 2.5 weeks

14- Notice some of my childhood habits come back again.

15- Naughty mood some times, humor and sarcastic sometimes.

16- Talking to girls is easy now. Even joke on small things is easy

17- Emotional: I’m more emotional than before, can even cry on small things like see someone in little pain can turn my eays in tears.

18- Consistent: Consistent on small daily tasks like healthy eating, go to gym, meditating, drawing and reading.

19- Disciplined

20- Music never sounds like it sounds now, even got goosebumps on some songs.

21- Like the company of old people and babies and even dumb people.

22- Skin, hairs and beard improved

23- Know that it’s normal when feeling down.

Again there are a lot more benefits that I have not write here. Maybe I don’t notice or remember all. Thanks for this amazing community that motivates me always whenever I needed. Ask me anything and I will answer.

LINK – 90 Days Completed Here Are Some Benefits

by dedicatedgin