90 days – excellent results and tips

Results so far:

  • Huge increase in productivity
  • Huge increase in the ability to concentrate / get projects done
  • More READING, started reading the “Psychology of Success” which is a great book so far which focuses on LEARNING opposed to ‘right outcomes’ (highly recommend it).
  • Huge increase in confidence – stronger eye contact, less anxiety
  • LOST the fixation on SEX (good thing), I’m no longer like a starving dog sniffing around for my next dopamine hit
  • More OPTIMISTIC outlook on life, more excited about the future
  • MORE ENERGY – way more energy in general and more ‘get up and go’
  • I’ve constantly mediated for minimum of 5 minutes everyday


  • ‘Will Power’ gets stronger / lasts longer when you DON’T PEAK. (No instagram, No trashy news websites etc)
  • SET GOALS / PROJECTS on things you want to LEARN; you need to REALLOCATE all that extra energy / time you’re going to have into PRODUCTIVE HOBBIES – make sure you do this before you get serious about NoFap so you don’t ‘get bored’ and relapse.
  • Be careful of getting too “high”. Sometimes your day will be going really great, wake up in the morning feeling great – but dont go chasing those dopamine spikes too high and remember to calm down.

Last tip:

  • Don’t be too overly serious. If you fail somewhere along the line, its OKAY and be COMPASSIONATE. Don’t beat yourself up. You will get there eventually!

Keep up the NoFap and stay strong!

​Some 90 day motivating humor to round things off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YidoIjYVyM

(I’m sure we can all relate)

LINK – 90 days – excellent results and tips

by Sunyeahtwo