90 Days – Full of energy. No anxiety/fear, depression. More aware of emotions. More present. Increase in confidence

Hello community,

Today is my 90 days on hard mode. What I have learned from this experience is that nofap is a spiritual journey. Combined with meditation, cold shower and gym helps you to become your greatest version.

How i feel after this 90 days:

– full of energy

– very transparent

– no anxiety/fear, depression

– you become more aware of your emotions and master them (don’t let the emotion overcome you)

– obsessed with self grow (reading, podcasts, exercise, diet)

– muscles grew very fast; also I lost 10 kg

– become more present

– increase in confidence

The only thing that matter is your inner space; take care of it!!!

Thanks you all,

Hope in the next 10-20 years the people become more spiritual. We need to transcend the duality and open our soul to the light that surround us.

LINK – 90 days feeling awesome

by riverpgl