Age 33 – The benefits have been deeper and more internal

Thank You NoFap community for helping me achieve my first 90 day Hard mode

Background: I am a 33 year old male. I have been watching P for the last 15 years, and indulged in M at least twice a week. Its been a way of life for me, and while I occasionally used to try to abstain M , my most successful stretch was 60 days NoFap in 2007!

The motivation: I got a new role at work in January, and immediately realized I was stuck with a horrible boss. I was really unhappy at work and M became my “escape”. In June I quit my job without a back up offer and since I am not a US citizen and am working here on a work visa, I had to find a job within 60 days or else would have to leave the country. As you can imagine, I was very nervous and didn’t have the courage to tell my parents about my stupid decision to quit my job.

By God’s grace I found a job within 45 days, my offer letter arrived on July 28,2018. On that day I resolved to start my NoFap as a way of expressing GRATITUDE for helping me overcome such a tough phase.

Every time, I felt like M, I used to remind myself one or more of the 4 things :

1) How would I feel 5 mins AFTER M ? Would that regret/guilt be worth the M ? And this feeling would get reinforced the next day morning, when I would feel so good that I didn’t succumb to the temptation last night. That was perhaps the key brain “trick”.

2) Take 1 week at a time. I broke down my 90 day journey into 13 weeks. 13 is a smaller number than 90, so in my mind- 13 weeks seemed easier than 90 days

3) I stayed away from internet and TV when the urge seemed extreme. My experience was that the urges are strongest just before you go to sleep or early mornings. If you can control the urge during these times, you can get through the rest of the day.

4) Finally, if everything else seemed to fail, I would read the success stories on NoFap and that motivated me to get through the really tough days.

Benefits: To be honest, I have not experienced any of the “new found attention from girls” benefits, rather the benefits have been deeper and more internal.

Every time I hit a roadblock at work or in my new personal challenges (listed below) I remind myself that since I have succeeded in the 90 day Hard mode NoFap challenge, Impossible is Nothing.

A) Undivided attention for 90 mins at any task at work or at home.
B) Not watching TV/Netflix on weekdays after I come back from work
C) Writing a screenplay for a short film
D) Save at least 40% of my income every month

Thank You NoFap for helping me discover a new version of myself:

Next Goal: Hard mode for 30 more days. Porn Free for 180 days.

LINK – 90 days hard more success and gratitude to the NoFap community

by Your_life_in_your_hands