90 days has improved my life, but not made it suddenly perfect

I am writing this because I have noticed a couple of posts recently listing the benefits of pornfree. I have seen a couple that say “happy all the time”. While I am not saying they aren’t happy all the time, I am just saying this is not my exact experience.

I still get the fluctuations of the normal ups and downs and stresses of life. Definitely my mood has improved overall, I feel less guilt, more caring and have more free time. I also feel a sense of achievement from doing something I find very difficult. BUT i still have occasional days or times where I feel down for no obvious reason.

Porn free is one step to improving your life without a doubt, and if you are on this sub, that means you have at least some interest in being a better person. I am sure if you are here you are on the right track more than most, and you will continue to seek ways to lead a healthier and happier life though porn free and other avenues (next I need to tackle is phone addiction).

I hope this post doesn’t come across as downbuzz, I wanted to write it so that people dont give up because everything isn’t perfect.

Good luck all and look after yourselves!

LINK – 90 days has improved my life, but not made it suddenly perfect

by geeza1000