90 days – I did it. Please read what I’ve got to say.

Its officially day 90 of monk mode for me, and i firstly want to thank this great community, it’s one of the most positive things there is on the internet period and i absolutely love you all. I wasn’t going to write anything but i feel like it is only right to inspire others like i was. Before i begin, I was fapping to porn daily for 4-5 years and i was highly addicted. Here are my keys to nofap in two parts:

The Benefits and things i experienced:

Firstly, the benefits started kicking in at week 2 and the first few weeks were incredible, i actually started a journal on the first week. I noticed an insane energy boost, an insane creativity boost, and a very sharp mind. I felt like after the first month i could dominate a room, and reply to people with a force/energy behind everything i said. My skin and hair got shinier and i noticed woman glancing at me all the time and just felt like the fucking man. Female attraction is real.

I started reading a bunch of books and even started painting (I think my energy just wanted more outlets). My family noticed a change and commented frequently on how i seemed way more positive for some reason. Then after a month or so things got more weird, my eyes literally became lighter and more sparkly and i felt love for the world. I started to notice the beautiful sunsets, trees, and music in life, I noticed that everything was in harmony with me and life felt magical.

I was never able to look people in the eyes for very long without feeling weird for some reason and then suddenly i could, i began to love everything and started taking goals more seriously. Looking back in my journal, it is clear that my whole mindset has changed, and i feel like i have learnt an insane amount in only these 90 days.

Lastly, i ended up quitting caffeine, smoking/vaping, and drinking. I did not plan do quit any of these things going in, but for some reason my outlook completely changed on these things during the experience, and quitting them was much easier while on nofap for some reason. (Not against anyone who takes these substances, they definitely have their pros and cons, and effect people differently. I also cant say i will never drink again)

How to do it:

Firstly, stop thinking about it as a challenge. It is a choice. YOU create the challenge. You should want to do nofap with every bone in your body, because this practice is enough to kick-start the change of your whole life, I’m telling you, do not underestimate it. The best way to do it imo is to force yourself to think about something else every time you get a sexual thought, or even the though of a logo of a porn site, literally shake it out of your head and focus on what you are doing currently.

While completely focusing on the present, and on the task at hand, your mind is not wandering, and therefore it is impossible to relapse during this mind-state. After a few days your mind will begin to create a habit out of it and you will start to automatically think about a different thought every time you get a sexual one. And eventually your mind will literally stop giving you sexual thoughts altogether because it knows that it is not part of your life anymore and therefore a waste of energy. Trust me it’s easier than it sounds and once you master the first few days doing this, you are pretty much on track for life, as long as you have something to FOCUS on.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them! Thank you Nofap.

LINK – 90 days of monk mode, I fucking did it. Please read what I’ve got to say.

by TwoKites