90 days – More attractive to girls, stronger, harder erections, aroused by physical intimacy

Today is the big day! Following 9 years of PMO addiction, I completed my first 90 day hardmode (well, monk mode technically) reboot ever!

This honestly feels amazing, I’m in a daze. I know I’m not out of the woods and that I could still relapse in the future, but I feel happy about this accomplishment in it of itself.

I’m grateful to God, my friends, and my mentors.

I did experience some “super powers” like being more attractive to girls and having stronger, harder erections, and rewiring to be aroused by real physical intimacy with a girl instead of mental fantasy about unrealistic sex acts.

However, I did not experience other “super powers” like cured depression, increased energy and enjoyment in life, etc. Maybe that is because these issues developed independently of the PMO addiction, so that is something I can work on now!

LINK – 90 day in FINALLY

by Griffin2018