90 days – More focused in school, social awkwardness is gone

I reached day 90 today so I have decide to do a pros and cons of nofap so far.I hope this will give some insight into the real side of nofap for those thinking of starting or those currently undergoing nofap.

Pros: Before nofap I would fap about once or twice a day to porn and it would usually take about 2 hours out of my day. I now have more time since I have stopped fapping. I feel my pain threshold has increased which is good for anybody who plays sports or goes to the gym. I am now more focused in school. Before nofap I was able to talk to girls but not very confidently. I used to find it hard to keep the conversation going and to keep eye contact, it just felt awkward. But now I would say thanks to nofap the awkwardness is gone and I can keep the conversation flowing and maintain eye contact. I now find it easier to talk to family and friends as well. I also discovered the benefits of cold showers, which are great temptation killers.

Cons: For those of you who think Nofap is a complete life changer its not. Yes it has changed parts of my life and for me it has given me more confidence. But it doesn’t magically get you laid or get you a girlfriend. It gave me courage to go out and talk to girls. Nothing in life will happen for you, you must go out and make it happen yourself. The worst part of nofap is the temptations, they never go away. But you do learn to cope with them. I still think about porn and fapping and it is an addiction that no one can ever get away from as porn dominates the world we live in. Nofap can also make you very horny sometimes. Nofap is a stepping stone if you want to change your life. Most of your battle against porn and masturbation is mental and requires a lot of will power.

Nofap has helped me a lot. The pros in my case, and in most cases, are better than the cons. There is very tough days but they are overshadowed by the good days. Nofap is a long journey you must travel alone and it is not for the weak minded. I will continue my nofap journey as I want to see where it might lead me in life (hopefully to a girlfriend). Who knows what the future will hold. Next stop Day 365!!

LINK – Day 90 Report

by aweakrighthand