90 days – PIED: Morning wood returned around day 45. I am fairly confident that ED is healed


Day 90 Complete. I’ve taken an age to write this because I’ve found it difficult to express just how life changing these 90 days have been. First and foremost it’s probably not the benefit anyone is expecting, but I’ve wanted to lose a bit of weight for many, many years. For whatever reason, I haven’t had the willpower/energy/whatever to succeed.

But at the beginning of my 90 days I was 95.6kg and measured 102cm around the waist. Today I weighed in at 85.0kg and 86cm around the waist. For you Americans, that’s just over 23 pounds lost in 13 weeks. For me, I had almost resigned myself to never being able to lose the weight so I am beyond ecstatic.

This leads into what I noticed as the main benefit of NoFap. Extra energy. For the first couple of weeks, I remember it as being fairly manic energy, almost jittery. To use this energy I ended up getting out and doing a lot more exercise as well as other activities where I may not have done them in past because I was ‘too tired’. It was also a way to take the temptation out of my mind. I feel like this extra energy made me feel better overall so when I did something detrimental like eat fast food or not exercise, I noticed it a lot more.

In terms of the actual no fapping, the first 20 days were very difficult but after that it was progressively easier to the point over the last few weeks, it really hasn’t crossed my mind. It feels like I have broken the habit, and I’m also a bit terrified to go back to that lifestyle and lose the benefits!

It was about day 45 when I noticed my morning wood returning and happens fairly regularly now. I haven’t had the opportunity to test if my PIED has disappeared but I am fairly confident that it has as mine was down to reduced sensitivity due to death grip. I’ve also had compliments about my skin, thicker hair, deeper voice and overall confidence.

Going forward, I want to continue no fapping indefinitely. It’s a lifestyle I feel I can embrace and save my O for when I’m with a partner.

Otherwise I will continue to post periodically if any new benefits occur and if anyone has any questions, feel free to fire away.

LINK – 90 successful days of Hard Mode

by TonyDiMarcos