90 Days -The differences I have in my life between then and now are incredible


Here we are. 3 months after I started this journey. Haven’t really posted a lot, but I remember that first post I made. It was about 4AM on a throwaway account (I did a search and couldn’t even find it). Then, I think I actually made a true post and said I was going to do this. I started attending a local fellowship for sex addiction on that first Saturday. Tonight, I received my 3 month chip for sobriety.

The differences I have in my life between then and now are incredible. I’m confident (I aced an interview yesterday with no nerves). I have an amazing relationship with my wonderful girlfriend (90 days sober from PM…she needed the O), which has only grown in intensity over the past three months. I am less stressed than I was before. I lost about 35lbs (280 -> 245). I am eating healthier. I am genuinely happier in my life.

This works. I swear it. But, you have to do the work. Did I have triggers? Fuck yes. Did I contemplate relapse? Oh, god…almost every fucking day. But! You fine people here at /r/nofap helped me, whether you know it or not.

So…here’s to another 90 days. Stay strong, fapstronauts.

LINK – 90 Days! But…no .gif.

by severedtherapy