90 Days – Unbelievable. Depression cured; social anxiety decreased; I notice how beautiful everything is

The last 90 days have changed my life and I still can’t believe how much impact porn and masturbation can have on our lives. I hope I can motivate some people with this post because at the beginning I did not have much hope that this would work for me because I’ve never been a huge fapper only 2-4 times a week. But it changed my life and here are the benefits I noticed:

1: Depression is cured. (For as far as I can remember I’ve had depression and huge mood swings, and before starting NoFap I was really thinking about ending my life because I had so many up’s and down’s and had depression out of nowhere and I tried so many medications… and then I found NoFap and started this journey and after like 3 weeks my depression was fully gone and even other people asked what happened to me and why I was so happy. So, this is definitely the number 1 benefit I’m very happy and thankful about because feeling good is the best feeling in the world.)

2: Feeling happy all day

3: Better skin and eyes look incredible (Even other people told me about my eyes)

4: Much more energy (Mentally and physically, I go 4 times a week to the gym and still have a lot of energy after my training but also mentally because I feel like I can focus much longer on tasks without getting concentration problems which I had before NoFap. Also, I talk a lot. Before NoFap I did not know what to say but now I can keep conversation going)

5: More motivation (I have more motivation to do things and not waste my time. I go to the gym 4 times a week. Before NoFap I used to go 2 times without even enjoying it but now I want to go because I enjoy it a lot)

6: Social anxiety decreased a lot (I can almost say it’s fully gone. Like I said I can keep conversations going without any problems and keep eye contact without feeling awkward. I also don’t get nervous anymore of people because now I just want to talk to people and even enjoy it when people talk to me.)

7: Social attraction (This is another big one people told me about on this reddit but it’s real. Girls are much more attracted to me and look at me a lot but also just people in general randomly start a conversation with me and it seems like I attract much more positive and happy people.)

8: Confidence very high (I walk with a lot of confidence, head up, and I don’t even care anymore what people think of me. And I just say what I think/want in a nice way. And overall, I just feel like I can do anything)

9: You notice how beautiful everything is (For example you notice how beautiful the sunset is or a sky full of stars.)

10: Thankful for what I have.

11: Much more positive overall.

Those are the benefits I noticed the most and I can probably go on much longer. This NoFap thing is life changing and I will never go back to PMO. Besides NoFap I also stopped using social media and started taking cold showers and I think those 2 things also really helped me hit these 90 days. Good luck everyone I hope I motivated some of you because it’s worth it so much! I will write another report on day 365. Thank you all for helping me out on this reddit! Have a good day everyone! (If you have any questions, I would love to answer them.)

LINK – Day 90! unbelievable! + Benefits

by UnknownUser1999