90 days – Welcome To The Real World

Some 90 Days ago I PMOd, and felt very unsatisfied. I was left staring at a luminescent picture, and I couldn’t help but wonder what I was doing with my life. Almost twelve months had passed since I last got laid.Since that PMO, there has been much struggling. NoFap is an ever-present battle that has profoundly beneficial effects on the mind. During the twelve months that I had not been intimate with anyone else, people had tried to get involved with me. Every one of them failed to meet my expectations, because I was used to seeing everything and anything I desired on-screen. /r/iasip/ had a great picture of Mac with a caption stating “Maybe if you drop your standards a little, you will get laid more”. It’s true, and it’s great too. Since quitting porn I am so easily aroused by people, and everybody is beautiful. Blemishes are present on every person, and that’s ok, in fact it’s fucking beautiful how imperfect we all are.

Without porn I’ve engaged in a healthy sexually active lifestyle with two girls. Neither of them wants a serious relationship, and we all have busy lives with jobs and hobbies and friends. Every now and again I can meet up with one of them, and we treat each other like the most beautiful person on the planet. My two girl buddies aren’t pretty, and I’m not either, we’re just natural healthy people treating each other like we need to be treated from time to time.

Sometimes temptation crops up, in the form of an underwear advert on a bus, or a gonewild post on the front page. Not giving in gets tough. But I get tougher every time the feeling comes along. Temptation is just a distraction from the real task at hand. Whatever needs to be done will still need to be done unless I do it. Giving in to the PMO urge means that I will not only be delayed from completing my task, but my partners will also be cheated of the libido my body has so carefully been preparing for them.

None of this would have been possible without NoFap. Knowing that so many other amazing people have battled with the PMO urge is a constant source of comfort. Someone once told me that sorrow shared is half sorrow, and joy shared is double joy. This subreddit has provided me with almost limitless support, and I will be forever grateful. Float On Fapstronauts, the world is your oyster.

TLDR; Gave up on Fapping. Discovered the joy of lowering standards for partnering. Feeling Fine. Thank You NoFap!

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by delusionalwhiteman

UPDATE – Day 151, moving with the rhythm.

I’ve read about a few people that are celebrating 60 days or more. Congratulations to them. The 60 day mark was a period when NoFap became less of an extra challenge, and more of a lifestyle factor. Now on 61 + 90 days, NoFap is still a way of life. Challenges are ever present, with victory or defeat hanging in the balance. Putting my energy into a hobby turned out to be a really good move. I make a radio show, so there is always something to do whether it be looking for new music, producing the next episode, or promoting. A lot of advice gets handed out, especially on NoFap where there is much wisdom to be shared. Without discounting that wisdom, the productive activity stimulated by a hobby is the best way to stay on the NoFap path.

I hope you have a great weekend 🙂