94 days – Healthy, focused, and full of life

I have learned so much about myself these past three months. How deep this addiction runs. How it is really my only serious addiction, and vice. And the strength of my willpower and self-motivation.

I was participating in no-porn or fapping, and the sex with my girlfriend has never been better. I have a new found ability to form friendships with women, without fantasizing about them sexually. I have been the most healthy, focused, and full of life than ever before.

And for these reasons, I refuse to feel like shit about relapsing. And you shouldn’t either. I have achieved so much, yet am capable of more. I WILL do better this time. On my way to fapstronaut for life.

LINK – but this is far from starting from scratch.

By Peaceful_Mantis


UPDATE – Why I relapsed after reboot, and how I am getting back onto the fapstronaut rocket.

My first no fap challenge was a great success. Last time I posted on here was the day I started nofap, and I went an awesome 94 days but then I relapsed, hard. The trigger was nothing but stress really. I used it as an excuse to let myself fap. Now I can’t even go a day without PMO so I’m hoping by posting again I am solidifying my commitment to myself and to nofap once again.

I’ve been telling myself that its okay for me to PMO because it is my only vice. I eat healthy, work out, am very social, and have a wonderful girlfriend. But I can be even better. Without PMO I can concentrate more on meaningful things in my life, rather than perpetuate my addiction to passionate-less and soul sucking porn. Every time I get the urge to fap I am going to immediately bust out a set of pull ups followed by visiting no fap. If all else fails, I am going to leave my house and go for walk. Keep me strong NoFap.