99 days of NoFap – Acne, energy and constipation all better

So the first time I discovered NoFap was about 2 years ago, where I did two streaks of 19 and 22 days but eventually gave up and kept doing PMO until September this year. I was struggling with depression and other issues so I decided to try again and reached a 7-day streak before relapsing again. I was not going to quit that easily so I tried one more time and here I am now.

I am going to summarise my experiences and benefits in this bulleted list below:

  • Wet dreams: I’ve had about 7-8 wet dreams so far. 4 of them during my first 2 weeks and 3 of them after day 70.
  • Urges: Urges have come and gone pretty regularly but they were not as strong as those in previous streaks. Since day 70, I haven’t had any urges whatsoever.
  • Skin: I have struggled with acne outbreaks during the last 4 years and now they are almost completely gone. My skin is a lot brighter and it looks like I have a light tan.
  • Constipation: I’ve been chronically constipated throughout my whole life, but during this streak, I haven’t had any issues despite not changing my diet or lifestyle.
  • Energy levels: I used to not be able to spend even a whole day at school or work and would fall asleep sometimes due to severe fatigue. Now my energy levels are very even throughout the day and they don’t dip. I am able to focus a lot more on the task at hand and I feel a lot more productive.
  • Mental health: I’ve had two depressive episodes on this streak, but somehow they have been easier to work through and shorter than previous ones. This has proved to me that NoFap cannot cure anxiety, depression or any other mental illnesses, but it helps you work through them more efficiently.
  • Time: I have a lot more time to do things that are meaningful since I used to waste up to 2 hours a day on PMO. You can obviously find other meaningless pursuits to waste your time on, but for me, it feels like it’s lead to an indirect increase in overall productivity.

These are not all the insights I’ve had. But only those I still remember. It has been a truly enriching experience and I’m not planning on quitting NoFap ever. NoFap has helped me understand so much more about life and primarily about myself. I used to hate myself but learned to accept things as they are and that nothing can be perfect. We are all broken and that’s okay. Life is more peaceful and I feel a lot more positive about my everyday life and the future.

If there is something in this post that I didn’t cover and you want to know about, feel free to ask questions. Thank you for reading.

LINK – 99 days of NoFap: Progress and benefits report.

by SwedishSigma