A girl moved to sit by me on the bus; we exchanged numbers

Well, as many of other men on NoFap, I´ve experienced one of these “unexplainable” experiences, when a girl goes to approach you.

I was going by bus and suddenly a girl sitting on a different place quite close to me stood up and sit on the place next by me…

The only thing I needed was to open my mouth what I actually did and then ask for the phone number what I did too. It was cool and so strange in the same moment…

It is first time ever, I reached so high number of days without porn. I do not see a huge changes in my life. I just see that I am not going low after watching porn and few days after and I feel proud of myself, that I do not have to do PMO to myself again.

But I guess I am still getting out of the addiction, because last ca. 10 days I was in flat-line just yesterday and today I went up a bit.

I asked her to go for a coffee, but she needed to go to a meeting with financial specialist. So we exchanged phone numbers. :)

LINK – Day 75 of no porn challenge – a girl just sit by herself in a bus to me

By MistrGalvanickehoPokoveni