Able to perform! If you have PIED, you HAVE to do HARD MODE

I had sex for the first time in about two years, and after 32 [days] with no fap.

I had PIED before, not able to “perform”, but this time i was able to. The condom made some times a little harder, not 100% there yet but still was able to “perform” with no further problems,

Here my tips:

-if you have PIED, you HAVE to do HARD MODE. Really, nothing else will do. You need to re-wire your brain to find the stimulus of a naked woman in front of you the most alluring thing of the world

-do some KEGEL exercises. Those helped me a LOT, i do them everyday

-be sure the the condom is the right for you and is not making your PP too tight

You can beat PIED man.

I’ll continue on nofap to 90* and them some. Best decision i have made in my life this year

LINK – 32 no pmo, had sex, PIED almost gone.

By shakaninja