Acne cleared up by about 95%, much higher confidence, doing things I enjoy


I can’t even believe that it’s already been 90 days. This has been the longest I’ve gone without PMO in at least seven years.

I didn’t think I had a problem before NoFap. I went with the thinking that masturbation was normal and ok to do but I now realize what I was missing out on.

Since NoFap: -I’m much happier (That post-fap depression/mood swing sucks)

-I have a much higher feeling of self-worth and self-confidence. It’s helped almost every facet of my life, whether it’s been through work, friendships, or even in dating. I think I can attribute it to no longer having the shame of watching porn.

-I’ve never been more productive in my free time. Instead of spiraling into a fap session, I’ve done more things I enjoy and have been getting the things I would usually put off done.

-I had really really bad acne before this and it has cleared up by about 95%. I know there aren’t any studies confirming stuff like this but it worked for me.

All this stuff really started to hit overdrive around day 40 or so and it’s been a night and day type of difference. For those that are struggling, I truly believe you can do this. The urges are tough to get through sometimes, but find a hobby or something else to do. If you’re reaching the tipping point, head straight to this subreddit. The success stories AND the relapse stories do wonders so you can stop before you do something you regret (thanks to this awesome community)

Work on yourself during this process and don’t do this for some external reason. We’re doing this to help become the best version of ourselves. The closer we get to that, the closer we are to getting all the external things.

Can’t wait to make a day 365 update and if I feel even better than I already do. Good luck everyone…you can do this and DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise!

LINK – I made it past the 90 day mark and you can too!

By LostCanadianGoose