After 4 years of trying, everything is improving


All I can say is, keep going on. After reaching a certain point, everything is better. I am fighting with this addiction more than 4 years and now I feel like I have fallen into the world from heaven. What I have gained;

  • -Social interactions got better
  • -Can talk with girls but I still don’t want due to my personal choices.
  • -Porn does not occupy my head all the time and I don’t feel terrible.
  • -Currently in the university so I have too much stress. I think I will feel waaay better after graduation.
  • -Gaming is a less problem for me but I also want to eliminate it.

I can answer your questions. Keep going on! Tips:

  • -Don’t look photos of Girls. Plus avoid looking half-naked girls in the streets.
  • -Use internet filters.
  • -Acknowledge why you shouldn’t watch Porn every time you crave.
  • -Never be unhappy and depressed. If you are depressed, be aware that you are vulnurable to Porn.

LINK – Day 90 Achieved (Late Report)

By rayman903