After 90 days, finding my hardcore fetish disgusting

My main fetish was hardcore deepthroat and my dream was to do it in real life. But damn I actually find this horrible for a girl; you have to be a psycho to do it.

So yeah I’m pretty proud that my 90 days off made me more human. I’m still a little depressed but I’m happy I don’t relapse

What I learned about 90 days: It doesn’t really restart you brain. I sometimes think about porn but I take the habit to say ‘no’ more easily.

If you don’t want to relapse and the urge is too strong: just fap on non porn thing (crush, hot girl you met) it will reconnect you with the reality and be more aware with girls.

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LINK – After 90 day finding my hardcore fetish disgusting + tips

by bwagi