After 90 days my IBS is definitely not as bad as it use to be. Anxiety, depression, sadness and loneliness are all gone.

Today I have finally completed day 90 of NoFap. When I first started this “challenge” I had severe IBS, Anxiety, depression, sadness and loneliness. Had a pale face droopy eyes with bags under them, unmotivated and undetermined and not smart.

After 90 days my IBS is DEFINITELY not as bad as it use to be. I would be bloated, gassy, smelly farts, lower stomach pains and diarrhea 5 times a day. Now I don’t have all of those symptoms except farts and diarrhea every now and then.

Anxiety is gone, depression is gone sadness and loneliness is gone.

I had a glow up: my eyes aren’t droopy, I got darker, I got muscle and I’m in shape now.

I am more motivated then ever: I wake up at 3:30 to train then I come home and train after school. I am determined to grow and become better.

I was failing three classes when I first started this challenge now I am passing every class.

On the soccer field I don’t feel anxious about getting the ball anymore I always ask for the ball now.

I have came closer to God and I am always happy.

NoFap has changed my life and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

There were some hard times in between like flatlines are the worst, but nothing worth having comes so easy.

NoFap shouldn’t be looked at as a challenge it should become a way of living. Good luck to everyone starting ya’lls new way of living.

My advice to y’all is to focus on yalls dreams and work hard to make them happen and even when you hit a flatline keep on going and don’t listen to your mind telling you to PMO. It is possible you just got to be mentally stronger.

Good luck, all glory to God. Be back on day 100.

LINK – Day 90

by Mexican0Chican0


Hello guys I have ended my 150 day streak. So here is an overview of everything that happened. Benefits experienced:

• Anxiety went away. I had an anxiety disorder that was tearing me apart it was so bad. I could never control my thoughts it’s like I was being tortured every day.

• Depression went away: I was super depressed Because of my anxiety and it completely went away.

• Better hair and clearer skin • Boost in energy • More outgoing • Motivated • health improved • Came closet to God and Jesus which helped so much.

I ended that streak so now a new one begins again today. Good luck brothers I hope everything goes well for y’all god bless y’all.