After months of NoFap, I found a girl who actually made me a man

It has been started 6 month earlier. I relapsed 4 times in that period. But I didn’t give up.

On September 26 I started again but this time I was very confident and have full energy to complete this mission. There were many time and things that triggered me a lot but as the community members said, if you get and trigger, you must do pushup to distract yourself.

This is how I started workout. These workout help to make me the best version of my self.

I used to follow onlyfans model that time but now I follow my work stuff and fitness/ Healthcare gurus.

In this Little journey one more beautiful thing happened, I found a girl who actually made me a man. She realised me, how I was irresponsible towards my family. I started spending time with my family and being that son again.

Thank you guys ❤️😇 without you this was very hard to do. God bless you all my friends

LINK –❤️😇 I love you guys ❤️😇, I did it. 90 days completed and today is my birthday. The best birthday gift I gave to myself.

by dodo_005