After six months PIED gone, my brain is connected with my penis

Last one week had sex several times with smooth erection and no flatline after ejaculation. I think the nightmare has gone. I am so happy, so relieved. relieved. But now i am sufferimg from premature ejaculation. I got super hard erection. But came up within two minutes every single time with a huge load release.

I am not a virgin. I had sexual experiences before i faced this problem. For me it take six months because after three or four months it was less about pied and more about performance anxiety. The fear of failure created a huge obstacles before me. But i was trying sex several times (four or five times in six months) followed by few short streaks (each between 30-50 days).

In January (after 50 days’ streak) i got smooth erection but after orgasm faced a mild depression for few days. Then i continued for 30 days’ streak and had sex. Same feeling. Again tried after three weeks. But i was so sensitive that i came from bj. Then faced a massive flatline for one week with terrible headache, depression, brain fog, anxiety etc.

Again tried sex after 10 days’ streak. This time mild headache after flatline.

Now had sex a couple of times with smooth erection and without facing any flatline till now. I masturbated also for three times in last two days fantasizing about my previous sexual counter. Every time i got super hard erection effortlessly. But now my problem is premature ejaculation. Because my penis is super sensitive now. I can get 70% hardness thinking about my girlfriend. When she touches me or sk my d**k i get erection instantly. No issue with erection.

Now i feel my brain/mind is connected with my penis. I think with time i will see more progress.

LINK – Thanks for your amazing report. I am cured (after six months) Pied gone. Now suffering from PE.

By ssind0711