Age 14 – Better focus, starting to see girls differently

This is my first time reaching 103 days at nofap hardmode, I never though I would be here.

I have been addicted to porn since the age of 12 (now I’m 14), I really hated porn and wanted to quit it since I got addicted but it was too late.I kept on doing stupid tries like quitting p but doing m, and vice versa, I started to notice that my grades were getting really low, like really low, I got pied and got really depressed after relapsing, tbh I never thought I would quit it before the age of 20, since before 2020, my highest streak ever was 3 days. My main two motives were to get high grades and religious reasons.

My highest streak by February was 5 days, then I saw a video by a guy on YouTube that gave me the reason why I’m addicted, he meant it to all addictions, he said that the reason I can’t quit was because I LOVED what I was doing, it hit me hard, then I realized he was saying the truth, the only reason I got addicted in the first place was because of my dumbass, that streak lasted about 12 days, then by February 29th 2020, I decided that I would quit it no excuse.

It was really hard, like really hard, urges everyday and every hour, I almost relapsed many times and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, the reason I didn’t post here on day 90 was because I wasn’t sure if I quit, and indeed I got some urges, but since 2 days ago I started to see girls differently, I started see porn the most disgusting shit ever.

  • Increased focus
  • Idk if this is just a normal thing but I’ve grown about 3.5 cm in this streak, now I’m 175cm tall
  • Better eyesight
  • Getting happy by the smallest things
  • Started new habits such as exercising and drawing
  • And much more that I don’t remember

Is nofap worth it?
Fuck yes it is, if doing it will change your life

And today, I swore that I will never look at porn again in my life no matter what happens.

LINK – 100+ days nofap hardmode

By quitterrr