Age 14 – Girlfriend, clearer mind, no deviant thoughts and more focus

I used to fap to compensate for my loneliness, I don’t need that shit anymore. In my opinion, fapping is basically cheating on my girlfriend. Don’t need any of that shit in my life.

But I’m not doing this only for her. I’ve been trying to not fap for years now, but I would always make excuses for why I would relapse. Being in a relationship motivates me to look at myself and think that there are no possible excuses for what I’m doing.

Edit: forgot to mention it’s a long distance relationship, so I basically don’t have human touch in my life, which makes it a bigger challenge. So, from that solely, I thought from the beginning that I shouldn’t rely solely on her, but the thought of me marrying that girl after a few years does motivate me, not gonna lie.

I have an old post here basically about my whole Nofap journey but I’m on mobile so it’s hard to link it here. I started committing to NoFap this year, when I’m 13, but I’ve been struggling and trying to stop it since I was around 11. The thing is, I discovered PMO when I was ~6, and the negative effects of a life based around a broken Dopamine system just sickens me, and I hate the fact I let it go until this point.

Basically, I’m 14, and I wanted to quit porn because I started to realise how it made me have deviant thoughts and treat women in my head like toys. It also fuked up my short term memory, and instead of helping my depressive state, it worsened it (I’m ok nowadays)

Yes, the benefits are basically a clearer mind, no deviant thoughts and more focus on things. I usually edge around 20 days until I relapse, which sucks. But I’m omw to success and I know I’ll do it (Oh, not fapping also gives me more motivation).

LINK – Got a Girlfriend now, promised myself I won’t fap ever again.

By Guilwim