Age 14 – Improved concentration, compliments on my eyes, serious swagger


I’m 14 and still a virgin, before I started I was heavily depressed, angry with the world and I was socially awkward which didn’t help. [Started fapping] around 9 [which is considered a normal age to start within my peer group. I was fapping about 4 times per day.] Nofap has helped me reach a state of mind in which I was able to set out my priorities and goals.

Some of the benefits/changes I experienced Were

• Amplified emotions – good and bad I can go from being extremely low to feeling extremely high in an instant.

•Flatline – the start of my first flatline (40 days or so in) hit me like a brick wall I had just started high school and the benefits I had experienced up till then were gone but returned after about 10 days I have had other minor flatlines but none as bad as the first

•Concentration – when I started I had terrible concentration only things that really interested me could hold my attention, that changed pretty quickly into nofap

•My eyes – right this part will sound a bit insane but my eyes have never been particularly different from others they are golden brown, but after 90 days I started getting a lot of compliments on my eyes

•Confidence – this is so strange I never understood why it changed confidence and didn’t believe it but at this point I feel like I could swagger up to mike Tyson kick him in the nuts and swagger away

Overall nofap has helped me in many ways over the last 2 years.

LINK – 2 years no pmo . Benefits, thoughts and results

By weedavo

UPDATE – 1,000 days, my experience and last post.

As you can tell from the title I started nofap as a scrawny 110 pound kid in the 1,000 days since I’ve put on 30 pounds and have truly become a man this is how.
Step 1 – it’s all in the mind, you need to will yourself with everything to become better.
Step 2 – a relapse is not a reason to give up or binge, a relapse should be lighting the flame inside you to become better.
Step 3 – figure out your triggers, if you relapse after looking at a girls Instagram consistently then either unfollow the page with risky content or delete the app entirely.
Step 4 – nofap is not this one thing that is gonna change everything in your life. YOU need to change your life. Some of you may disagree but I recommend taking the red pill.
Step 5 – don’t believe everything you read on this sub 90% is anecdotal evidence and the other is 5% real science that gets repeated over and over and over.
Step 6 – mentality shapes the man, if your mindset is constantly just “don’t fap don’t fap” then most likely you won’t get near feeling the benefits

That was the hard part these are the rewards I got for my efforts.
Reward 1 – got my first girlfriend. A girl I had been crushing on for years became close with me and after a few weeks became my girlfriend, 9 months still going strong. (I don’t believe it was nofap that attracted her to me)
Reward 2 – this is more a reward from working out but nofap is what got me to the gym in the first place, I put on 30 pounds most of which is muscle, this significantly helped with the ladies.
Reward 3 – a ton more respect in my social group and every day life, I am now looked to as a leader and someone who makes decisions.
Reward 4 – significantly better looking, before nofap I had a shit quiff, acne and was very skinny but now I’ve got very decent hair, no acne and as I’ve mentioned I’m a lot more muscular.
Reward 5 – female attention. This is the big one the one guys come here and pray for, personally I have experienced this, I’ve had girls older than me flirting with me and even girls who had previously shown a dislike to me coming on to me and flirting.

But that said just like the rest of this sub it’s anecdotal evidence but it’s all I got.
This will be my last post on nofap, I may occasionally lurk but no more posts for at least another 1,000 days.
The reason I’m leaving is that nofap has become a lifestyle for me now and I see no benefits in staying here. I’d like to thank the creator of this sub, the mods and the fellow fapstronauts ( although I’ve always hated that name) for giving me the knowledge and motivation to drive my life in the direction I wanted.
It is my hope that this post helps some newer people to this sub.

Thank you, goodbye.