Age 14 – Social anxiety reduced to where I can freely talk to anyone I want. Greater Confidence. More energy. Girl attraction is insane


Insert Indian dance gif here I’ve finally reached 90 days and oh boy was this one hell of a journey. I’ve had my ups and downs. It was definitely difficult sometimes, but I made it! Benefits so far:

  1. Social anxiety has been reduced to a point where I can freely talk to anyone I want.
  2. Confidence has increased so much.
  3. My posture improved.
  4. I feel like a beast at the gym.
  5. More energy.
  6. More free time.
  7. Girl attraction is insane!!!
  8. There’s much more benefits but these are the ones that I can name at the moment.

Flatlines: I haven’t experienced any flatlines so far, which is very weird. Has anyone also had this?

Wet dreams: I had a few wet dreams (about 5-6), first one being on day 18. They didn’t really affect me much.

Urges: The first 30 days were hard. I had urges almost every day but I fought them, and after it was much easier. I remember the last time I had an insane urge was like 8 days ago but I knew that I won’t PMO, because I was already rewired.

Cold showers: I took only cold showers the first 60 days or so until my girlfriend broke up with me, which was very difficult to handle, so I stopped taking them for a while, but I started taking them again a few days ago.

Meditation: I only meditated like 3 times. I did feel the benefits, but I am too bored to do it.

What I need to improve: I really need to stop using my phone, I’m on it like 24/7 and I need to stop ASAP. Also, I need to stop thinking about my ex everyday, it’s very difficult and I don’t think I will get over her in the next couple of months. Any help will be appreciated. Additionally, I need to stop taking hot baths everyday (the only reason I take them is to relax from all the stress.)

Conclusion: This journey/lifestyle has really changed me and I will continue on this path. I used to eat a lot of fast food as well, but now I find it disgusting. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer 🙂

LINK – Well, I have finally done it, 90 days !!

by Egor12573

UPDATE – 250+ without masturbating

Wow, there’s a lot of them:

1. Increased eye contact

2. More open to others

3. More confidence

4. A lot of energy

5. Overall felt happier

6. Started talking to more girls

7. Actually enjoyed being outside

8. Learned to appreciate the small things in life

9. Balanced my diet without even thinking about it

10. Learning was much easier

And that’s just some of the benefits I can name, there’s obviously much more.