Age 14 – With more energy I discovered a passion for philosophy and mathematics

I want to share, what i achieved from these 1 year,my journey of the entire 365 days——

I started nofap on 7th January,that time i relapsed after a 20 days streak maybe,that Doesn’t consider as streak as i did it without knowing anything about nofap.

At that time my life was not just purpose-less but also very demotivated and also very very bad student. I did found study the most boring work to do.

After 1 month of nofap, i understood that nofap actually work! My energy levels increased,which was different as before that i was always in low energy state. After 2 months, i was in great flatline and i probably had edged once, i can’t remember.

After 3 months,i joined this forum. I can’t express how much this forum helped me! If i reached the 1 year mark,it is because of the help and support,i got from the people here. Without them i would’ve probably quit nofap,bcz of the flatline that existed.

After 5 months,i started my self-development journey, which i am still working on, after 6 months — I started to see the real changes. First of all the best thing that happened to me, was to get introduced to philosophy. For this i thank my brother/Master/Advisor @Tafi. Today i know philosophy, just because of him. Philosophy gave my life meaning and help to learn the world. I am still on my journey of learning and reading philosophy, and this journey is life-long it will never end.

After philosophy i got interested in my childhood interest again, science, more particularly physics, and that was an amazing change, cause this change led me to a conclusion, that what i want to study? Physics.

I want to be a physicist, because of this interest i started to work on my biggest fear — Mathematics. But my biggest fear soon turned into my interest. I understood what math is for, and i am working on it most of the time of the day. For example today i just did trigonometry for almost 3 hours, and i finished a lot.

My confidence increased a lot, my social anxiety reduced and i now find a bit comfortable than before. It’s not that i am fully comfortable still, probably because by nature i am an introvert. But still i am now communicating very well with people. Self-help videos helped a lot actually, specifically “Charisma on Command” videos.

I can now say, my life now has some meaning, and i now know where’s my life is going, for all of these —


LINK – 365 days Accomplishments

By aricking