Age 15 – Anxiety Gone. Severe Depression Gone. No Self Confidence Gone.

I’m back after a long while being away. The reason I was away because, I’m just done for it now, I’m cured, I’m all good now. I’m free of the habit at just 15 years old, I’m turning 16 in a couple of days. And I can’t be happier that when my birthday approaches I’ll be nearly 5 months without PMO.

Yes my life has changed. I’m a way better person now. I’m invincible. I feel like no one can do anything against me. This is the effect of NoFap, I play around with Depression like how my mood swings, What I mean is that if i ever fall to a mental breakdown state i can quickly heal because now there’s NoFap in my life but it also depends on why I’m having a mental breakdown.

  • Anxiety: Gone
  • Severe Depression: Gone
  • No Self Confidence: Gone

I can only thank me, The NoFap community and god for where I am now. I’m happy and proud to be a part of you guys. And I hope y’all can also stop this habit.

Yes I am 15 and the last time I masturbated and orgasmed was 135 days ago.

LINK – 135 days without PMO has created the perfect me

by SayYesToRecovery