Age 15 – Before I found NoFap I didn’t feel any real emotion, and I had no friends, and I hated myself

So, a little backstory here, I discovered masturbation and then eventually orgasm in about 7th grade, and then porn at the end of 8th. I always felt that it was wrong, but it felt too good to give up, and then I was addicted. I am now 15, almost 16, and I found NoFap 8-9 months ago.

This community has changed my life dramatically, before I found NoFap I didn’t feel any real emotion, and I had no friends, and I hated myself. I was scrawny and shy too, with acne all over my face.

Now after 8 months, I have only made it 15-day max, but I am much better. I feel so many emotions it’s almost too much sometimes, I have several friends that I talk to a lot, and a lot more that I sometimes shoot a text to now and then. I have grown and now I am muscular and, in my opinion, pretty dang attractive (also my acne is a lot better). My confidence is still pretty low and I don’t talk much in social situations, but I do a lot better than I used to.

I found a girl that I fell in love with (and she loved me back), and later on another girl told me she likes me. I have a lot of more female friends lately, which I believe is because of NoFap and the fact that I only had older sisters most of my life.

This stuff works guys, if you feel down cause you aren’t seeing benefits, remember that you don’t get this just because you stopped fapping to porn. I got this all because I changed my life and learned new skills and worked out daily, and tried to have better social skills. Use NoFap as the CATALYST to a better life, not as the only thing you change.

I believe in you all, and if you feel down, just remember that anyone can do this, and many people who are struggling with this are right here on this community to help.

Good luck

Lazgar Bladebreaker

LINK – My Experience With NoFap

by LazgarBladebreaker