Age 15 – Brain fog gone. Social anxiety nearly gone. More energy. Music sounds better, food tastes better and socialising is fun.


After about 7 months of trying, I finally reached 90 days! Jesus Christ, this is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Here’s my story: I’m 15 years old, started PMOing at the age of 13. I didn’t know what masturbation was and I was 13. Pretty crazy, my parents really didn’t tell me anything.

Anyways when I found out what masturbation was I kinda did it eveyday… then I realised I could do this when watching arousing material.

It was fine at first; I didn’t notice any bad affects from it. But after a while (6 months ish) I started getting really awkward in social situations and my parents and friends would not want to talk to me. I realised that this was a problem and I found NoFap. And after 7 months I started the streak that would be this one.


• Brain fog gone!

• Social anxiety went from maybe a 8/10 to a 0 or 1/10. Also I can talk to girls without cringing now.

• More energy

• Music sounds better, food tastes better and socialising is fun. Probably due to dopamine.

• My family and friends is starting to treat me better.

• I also learned that my brain needs a lot of time to heal.

• I started exercising and taking cold showers.

Now in the end I’m kinda unsatisfied. My situation is 100x better than before, but lately I’ve started to feel an certain emptiness. Hopefully it will pass. Thanks for reading!

LINK – 90 days benefits

by WoodIce


UPDATE – Feeling huge benefits

Now after 160 days I’m starting to feel some serious benefits that I didn’t feel when posting my 90 days success post. It’s worth pointing out. Here they are:

  • Less affected by unwanted triggers and fantasies
  • Urges are really easy to deal with
  • Feeling more appreciated and loved by friends and family
  • Higher confidence
  • I feel emotions stronger

I’m finally feeling like I’m making huge progress. I don’t know how long it will take for me to be fully healed, but I’m guessing I’m not to far away from feeling satisfied with what I have achieved. It feels amazing, but I also am little worried because I’m getting back to the stress that had and solved with porn. Well, this time I just have to solve it with something else.