Age 15 – Experiment

I’m a Chess player, but decided to try this out. Wanted to see if it would help me. So I planned it out. 7 days nofap, 1 day fap, repeat twice.

Every day I did nofap my cognitive abilities increases, and I use a lot of logic, keeping calm and can solve puzzles. I actually increased my elo from 1200 (beginner) to being able to play 3 games at once and ended up beating 2 cm, 1 with a close tie.

I only lasted 1 day of fapping (which was today, the 7 days were completed) before stopping the experiment because of how much my chess skills were suffering, I kept making blundered after blunder and how tired I’ve become. And now I have a headache.

Don’t fap. It only ruins your mental health. Take my advice or leave it, I’m regretting fapping today to see the effects of what would happen, but at least I know never to do it again and maybe help some of you stop before you regret it

LINK – I tested nofap for you all and the results are interesting

By ChhatReddit