Age 15 – I’ve progressed more in 3 months than in the last year

101 days ago I was addicted to pmo and I was a horrible human. All I did was sit in my room, eat food, and play video games. I had zero confidence at all and I hated myself.

I finally had the motivation one day to start nofap. It was a struggle but I made it through. I’ve progressed more in the last 3 months than in my last year. I am now doing 2 college level classes as well as 3 advanced classes at my school. I am playing two sports. I got a job and I work every day. Also hopefully I will get my girl soon. I recently started talking to the most beautiful girl and I know I’ll get her.

Nofap has changed me. I gained 15 pounds of muscle and grew 2 inches which might not have to do with nofap but it’s still self improvement.

I encourage all of you to try nofap I’m sure you already know of the benefits. My tip for guys struggling is that you need to tell yourself you’ll do it. I told myself I would do it and I wouldn’t ejaculate unless it was with a girl ever again.

Nofap is a beautiful thing and really opened my eyes about life.

LINK – 101 days at age 15!! My thoughts.

By codywiecz