Age 15 – no more depression. Confidence, female attraction everywhere

I have almost accomplished everything that i dreamed of when i was young. Im 15 y/o and 2 years ago I decided i wanted to stop fapping and watching porn for good. I got a realisation at that moment, I thought what the fuck im i doing with my life. I also watched 2 nofap videos that introduced me to it.

i was extremely, extremely motivated. I went cold turkey right away and got a accountability partner. He helped me sooo much without him i def couldn’t make it. My first streak was my highest. It ended around 181 days.

in that time i basically had everything i dreamed about. I had no more depression, i had so much confidence, i had female attraction everywhere i was. My brain fog went away and i could see clearly. I gained muscle, limbal rings, much more energy, better eyes and skin.

when i was still fapping I dreamed about these things. Especially the female attraction. I got everything i dreamed of in LESS THEN 90 FUCKING DAYS. it was insane. I never felt that good in my whole life.

After i failed i was stuck and couldn’t get past 30 – 40 days.
Rn im 22 or 23 days.

I looked into the mirror with a picture beside me from 2 years ago and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked. My face looked exactly the same only in the chad version. I had strong jaw line and my skin was glowing.

ive been working out lately. I’ve never done that before any nofap streak. Cuz of the high testosterone the muscle growth is insane.

For some reason girls can feel you’re on nofap and feel your energy. They will gaze at you when your just walking down the street for example. My theory is that because your body thinks it haven’t gotten sex in a while it needs to reproduce so it gives all these things from looks to confidence to energy. If you combine it with working out. Oh boi

I know I’ve been talking much about myself but i wanna thank you guys. Without you i never made it. I hope everyone here can experience the same as me. Rn im really happy and feel extremely good. Female attraction comes back for me around 20 days and boi I noticed it today.

Thank you so much for being in this amazing community. That was my story.


LINK – I can’t believe it. 2

By 0ffset_