Age 16 – 300 days: benefits and a tough confession

Hi guys, today I am going to talk about my NoFap journey. Sorry if my English isn’t the best as it is not my native language.

About 300 days ago I started my best streak atm, after 2 months or so of struggling with p and instagram soft p (which for me was even worst)

My mentality was always very strong and I always had the right mindset to don’t fap as I knew when I did that, my good behavior and well being with people, ambition to conquer new things and new objectives would crush in feelings of guilt and low self esteem.

The most important benefits that I got from being fap free are:

-A lot more confidence that allowed me to know more people and make important decisions in my life

  • A lot less social anxiety (not only because NoFap but this definitely helped me a LOT)
  • I improved my look (I already wasn’t that bad), started caring more about how I was dressing and got a fresh haircut
  • Girls really started noticing and complimenting me
  • I’ve made more real friends and spread more love around
  • I started focus on myself and on my life and stop caring about who was watching!

My advice for you to go as far as me are:

  • Have a no fap partner, someone that has the same goal as you
  • Don’t have any contact with p or soft p specially in the start of the streak. Avoid all of the temptations
  • If you think that it could be favorable for you, uninstall instagram and other types of social media
  • Take cold showers, (very important). This will for sure help you to create the right mindset for new habits
  • Just LIVE your life, go do something that you enjoy and really fulfills you!!!
  • Get out of the couch and go run, hit the gym, go study, go to the work and do your best!!!

BE PRODUCTIVE and feel proud of who you are

About wet dreams:

-Don’t care much about wet dreams, they are normal and part of the process.

My confession is that NoFap was one of the best things that very happened in my life and allowed me to be person I really wanted to be with no excuses. 2019 has been an incredible year for me and I wish everyone on this sub could have one year like that.

Guys you need to always remember, this is not an ‘easy’ battle, you need to be fighting everyday with no excuses and be proud of every milestone you conquer.

Oh and btw if you are wondering my age, I am 16M

Good luck

LINK – 300 days benefits and an hard confession

by iToNNyS