Age 16 – 90 Days of no PMO

First off, I want to thank the NoFap Community that had supported me and whoever shared their success stories that motivated me to accomplish my own personal goal.

I am 16 years old. I am living in Singapore and I am a high school student. I became addicted to Pornography since I was 12 years old. Whenever I came back from school, I would hop into my chair and started watching Porn. I would become aggressive to my mom whenever she walked into my room. I masturbated almost every day until I found NoFap.

It was not until a year later that I am being bullied by my senior schoolmates (a year older than me) because of my weird behavior. I became paranoid, depressed and full of social anxiety. Eventually after my Sixth Grade Graduation (in US term), I have overcame my paranoid but not my depression and social anxiety.

When I first became a high school student, I get to attend my Co-Curricular Activity for the first time and the older students would tease and make fun of me.

When I was promoted to 9th Grade, I found a counselor. She was joyful and beautiful (not the way you might think) and she would teach me things in a non-academic way e.g how to study for tests and speaking to people and we would have fun. I eventually talk to her about my depression and social anxiety.

Now you get to know me better, the reason why I haven’t post any message at all is because I had to go to a school trip in overseas. Now I will talk about my progress.

The first 30 days: I didn’t experienced any hardships and difficulty whatsoever. I didn’t have any triggers of Relapse. With my exercises, I look buff and muscular.

60 days: Around the 50-60+ days range, it was my final examinations and I was incredibly pent up of frustration and stress. I was glad that it was finally over.

90 days: It was at this point that things became difficult. At 70+ days, I would had boners for no apparent reason (possibly because I had to go to a bathroom) and sometimes when sleeping I would experienced triggers of relapses. At the last day as soon as I had completed the challenge, I was succumbed to my relapse and finally masturbated. I felt relieved but at the same time, regretful.

Conclusion: It was life-changing for me. It gave me experiences that was rewarding and fun and some insight of the Nofap Community. I became sick after the trip and I feel sluggish because of my lack of exercise in more than a week. In the end, it was in some way, felt that it was not successful.

In order to not end up like me, you should watch videos of experiences in NoFap, look at forums and threads. Complete challenges e.g 90 Days. Exercise and meditate. Get away from social media for awhile. If you had thoughts that might triggered a relapse, focus on completing your own personal challenge and fight the demons that is the addiction. Think about positive thoughts and get motivated like watching a motivational video or looking up quotes. This is very important, I didn’t realised that was a feature that might temporarily stop your obstacles but click on the Panic Button and click on the bottom that has three words.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. I hope you had a wonderful experience in NoFap and may your life be full of opportunities. I will be back so see you in the 90 Days Challenge!

LINK – After 90 Days of PMO

by xXMysticTony02Xx,