Age 16 – Commitment contract, meditation, exercise, cold showers, study of reboot materials and testimonials all helping

I am 16 years old that I turned in August of the previous year.

I calculate that I met the porn world at 10, 11 years old. It was then that I found porn magazines, in my neighbor’s garbage, I did not understand what I was looking at, but it quickly caught my attention, I looked for months at these magazines that I was hiding behind my mattress, I still didn’t have a cell phone, but some friends told me as he has to masturbate, it was then that I combined porn magazines with Masturbation, PMO, 3 times a week until I was 13 years old, it was when they gave me my first cell phone and I had high speed internet. So, I looked for pornography and it was a tremendous shock to see that, for my mind it was very strong to see that penetration and to hear the moans, it was when PMO became more frequent, sometimes 1 time a day, sometimes twice a day.

Well, in my 14 years I entered a soccer club, my knowledge of pmo damage was zero, but I knew that it made me feel weak, so I thought about leaving it to play soccer, (I did not know NoFap) but I did exercises and ate Well, then I rebooted without knowing like this for about 4 months that was when I fell for pornography again, I saw very dirty things at my age I know, I masturbated that way and it was until I was 15 years old, in 2020 before my 16th birthday that I met No -Fap, just looking for how to leave Masturbation I found a good Spanish channel that came to save me, this person from the YouTube channel offered a free 21-day course, Pablo Zamit.

So I signed up, did my first day with enthusiasm, did everything he told me, everything commitment contract, meditation, regular exercise, cold showers, daily study of reboot materials and testimonial. And I got, my first time got up to 38 days, but ended up falling for an oversight, so I installed a porn blocker. My streak increased, and that was my best achievement, 77 days clean. The benefits were incredible. I even increased my height.

But, I ended up falling again, after that I didn’t have so many good streaks, only about 20 days, 30. Well, then this month before January I was falling too much, I had pollution 4 days in a row, that made me increase my desire to see porn, then I scoffed the blocker and fell many times, on the 28th I got up, and up to here I am clean, and I started again with the help of the 21-day course and I joined this forum to once and for all remove this vice before it becomes worse and stronger. I have to do my part to quit and make the most of my age. Greetings to all brothers, this year is ours !!

LINK – Boy of 16 years from Argentina

By Keanu Reeves