Age 16 – I FEEL AMAZING I can talk to anyone

16 turning 17 in 19 days. [I quit because of] Religion and having to still want to masturbate even though my pp is still exhausted from the session before. Once my mother left the house for a business trip did it 15 times. I knew I had a problem

I FEEL AMAZING I can talk to anyone I want Nobody can stop me when I dedicate my time to something I CAN DO IT

Here I will help you with a new understanding of Porn and Masturbation and how porn has Entangled your brain into full submission. First, if you are struggling to get two weeks then this is for you but if you are already 30+ days then this won’t be much of help.

the Spiderweb is weak, sadly it isn’t that weak when the Spider is on it. If you are Entangled on the Web then thoughts like “just a peak” or “one video” will surface, after the slight touch or submission to the Web you will be stuck, nowhere to escape and be unable to leave no matter how hard you try, it is already too late at this point the Spiders are coming to drain your life essence.

How to avoid such a thing then? you will have to first break free from the Spiderweb cut it away from your brain to be unable to have such thoughts, or not have them strongly affect you. I’ve seen a lot of people that think their fight is with the Spider but it really starts from the Web. I was like you, this is my streak table when I started “3,3,2,3,4,7,14,5,3,5” what I lacked wasn’t WillPower I had breakdowns and other things on my way But the mindset was my weakness I did everything from going to the Gym to making a project to getting a college acceptance I did all of them at the age of 14 got accepted on the age of 16. However, still the Web is spreading and contaminating my brain I am fighting the Spider but The thing that is weakening me isn’t the Spider But the Web.

Finally, what Made me beat both? I took the Spider Away of the web cut the Web down Giving the Spider what it wanted from time to time, BUT never to the Web. I started my Fight on the Web and postponed my fight with the Spider for a Month had streaks like “2,1,1,1,2,1,1,3,2” but never cared Why? Because I knew that the Fight is with the Web and not the Spider, Don’t get me wrong the Spider is bad but deal with him later, Without the Web on his side. Most new Adventures Will try to take on both to no avail just to fail and get depressed over it. Later on that Month I had two streaks that got me way too happy and energized on my journey they even happened by themselves no effort was needed from my side, I had a 9 then a 7.

Once the Month has ended I took on the Spider It was so small it really wasn’t much of a threat. I can’t explain How Big and Scary it was back then on the Web, But now it looks small and weak Because it was Weak. My final Streak as of Feb 4th 95 Days first try after breaking the Web.

Pick your Fight and know What You Lack

LINK – Porn is the Spiderweb and Masturbation is the Spider || 90 days success story (NEW tips for people who can’t get 10+ days)

By rakansasis