Age 16 – It’s been 13 months and I can’t tell you how much it changed my life! It was one hell of a journey and it was worth all the effort!

Captain Rex reporting. Hello all you fapstronauts! It’s been 13 months and I can’t tell you how much it changed my life! It was one hell of a journey and it was worth all the effort!

Anyways, I’ve been eager to make this thread for as long as I can remember but I ended up having a hellishly long flatline which lasted 8 months and my insomnia that I developed persisted afterwards. Thankfully, it’s gotten much better and I’m going to see a therapist in a few days which is good.

So, these are all the life changing benefits I experienced from the lifestyle which includes:

1. Increased confidence: I was a little bitch back then, now I am respected by men and desired by women. My sense of humor has also improved tenfold.
2. Attraction: This is my favorite benefit because I’m now desirable by women. I even had one ask me out but I felt guilty of friendzoning her. Either way, this never happened before.
3. More energy: I now feel like an Sith apprentice whenever I’m doing physical activity like martial arts. Back then, I was basically a living zombie with no focus. Now, I really want to do martial arts again!
4. Better looks: This is probably the reason women are attracted to me more than ever. I have far less acne now as opposed to back then and my skin looks cleaner which is neat.
5. Pleasure from little things: I no longer feel dependent on PMO/women to get my pleasure. Hell, I don’t even need to have sex. I can just go outside at night and look for frogs or catch lizards at day. I now see the beauty of nature as opposed to back then. It feels good getting fresh air.
6. Sex drive: Now, I find myself getting hard boners pretty often. In fact, I even find myself getting precum just from talking to women. It’s crazy shit, let me tell you that.
7. Restored sexuality: I no longer have this dark, twisted view of the opposite sex which I had from PMO. In fact, I don’t find myself so needy and desperate for female attention anymore. I see far more to life than sex now. I’m no longer bound by the pussy spell anymore.

These are just a few of the benefits I experienced from this wonderful lifestyle so far. There’s more but those are the more important ones that I listed.

Now, as for why I never relapsed. The reason is because I have these healthy habits that I do which are pretty much necessary for success. These include:

Eating healthier: No, I’m not a vegan or a fruitarian or anything like that. It’s not necessary to cut out meat. I still eat meat and sometimes junk food every now and then but it’s necessary to at least limit sugar.
Meditation: This is absolutely necessary for Nofap. This and Nofap go hand in hand for good reason. It not only makes you more peaceful, but it also stops unwanted sexual energy from building up, which causes relapses. It’s really simple, and I highly recommend It!
Drinking plenty of water: You’ll want to drink a decent amount of water, at least a couple bottles a day. It’s great for detoxing and it’s just good for you in general. After all, 60% of our body is water.
Getting good night’s sleep: Sadly, I ended up developing insomnia likely during the flatline but like I said, it’s getting much better now. It’s important to have good sleeping habits when it comes to Nofap. A good example is not using the damn phone before bed (that obviously causes relapses)!
Exercise: This is also necessary for Nofap because sitting on the desk all day will likely cause relapses. If you don’t have access to a gym, at least start running or maybe buy weights so you can pump irons anytime. Hell, I even done this before NoFap so what are you waiting for? DO IT!!

God man, this post is just exhausting to write. The reason that I didn’t include my background story is because it would just make this post so unnecessarily long. I will make a success story with my story later on, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, Captain Rex, out.

LINK – 13 months NoFap/semen retention and how it changed My life forever!!

by Captain Rex