Age 16 – lost weight, view of women changed, admitted my crush


I’m a 16 years old boy. I started masturbating when I was 11, and watching porn when I was 12. At some point it came to the point where I’d masturbate about 14 times a week, and very rarely did I masturbate without porn. Almost every time I masturbated was with pornography. I see pornography as worse than just masturbating.

But I still don’t support masturbating either. Last November I decided to cut pornography and masturbation off my life. It’s a decision I don’t regret. I feel more normal than before. I do wish I had started this earlier. Guess I got only myself to blame for keeping my bad habits for so long.

What has happened in these 3 months?

Well, my view on women has changed. They’re just different feeling now. More like people, rather than some other creatures. It’s also pretty rare for me to look at the opposite sex lustfully anymore. Women and girls around my age look more beautiful too, and they don’t feel annoying now.

I feel closer to God as well. I don’t have the feeling of being guilty of something like PMO anymore when praying.

2 months ago I started losing weight. I’ve now lost 6 kilos (which is slightly more than 13 pounds). Did NoFap make me lose weight? No. But it surely contributed on giving me the willpower to start losing weight.

I am also a lot less lazy than before. I am keeping my room clean pretty much 24/7, and I’m having a good hygiene. This is due to the fact that NoFap has made me think about my life a lot more and to actually start making small changes in life.

I feel more emotional now. The feeling of being a bit empty has disappeared. I guess it was pornography and my masturbation habits that had numbed me.

I know how much some of you hate hearing about some adolecents’ crushes, but I am going to say this anyway. A few weeks ago I started developing feelings to a girl I’ve known for a little bit more than a couple of years. Yet never noticed how much of a good person she is before. Well, I told her how I feel. Just decided to be straight about it. She said that she only likes me as a friend and is sorry if I got disappointed. Surely it stung a little, but I respect her feelings too. And we discussed about it in a friendly manner. Told her to take it as a compliment. Now even as that stung a little, I feel better than I did before telling her. I got the peace of mind as I have nothing to hide and I am also very glad I got the confidence to do this. I really do appreacite how she handled the situation with class instead of acting all rude, gossiping or something. Now I can move on. Ever since I started NoFap I’ve felt more confident knowing how I’m able to keep my sexual urges in control. Surely I feel sexually frustated some days, but those days also make me feel more manly and afterwards I feel more like in control.

The most important part of NoFap is to have a PMO free life, though.

I’ve had some wet dreams along the way. 6 in total. Never had those before NoFap.

At this point it’s rare for me to think about masturbation or pornography unless someone else mentions them. I’ve decided to visit Reddit less, because without it I barely remember about my old PMO habits.

What would I have to say for newcomers?

  1. Believe in yourself.
  2. Never give up.
  3. Take cold showers.

Thank you for reading.

LINK – 90 Days Of NoFap

By Diesel_C