Age 16 – Mind feels much clearer and I can tackle tasks

I’m 16 years old, I decided to quit because I hated having brain fog and being tired, since I had exams soon. Also it was just something about fapping I didn’t like. I felt guilty afterwards like I had just cheated my body.

Other benefits: you feel better than other people, mega increase in confidence. You feel more like a man. You’re able to produce more power and feel fresher. Your mind feels much clearer and you can tackle tasks.

Tbh I don’t feel the need to fap once I get an urge. Although I am a teenager, I can control my actions, so that’s pretty cool.

Anyways I did this to have more energy and not have brain fog, so that’s sweet.

After some time I just forgot what my streak was and it didn’t really matter to me where I was. I didn’t have the desire to fap and I was doing other stuff like revising or doing sport.

I guess I’ve changed. I no longer waste time fapping, and instead I do something more social and productive. I don’t even remember what it feels like to orgasm (lol).

I hope to continue the streak, because the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Lastly, good luck lads! It’s simpler than you think. Don’t remind yourself not to fap all the time, I did that on my first few tries and it only makes you want to fap more. Don’t fap to get reminded of what an orgasm feels like. Just be free! Go out, and enjoy yourself. Make some friends, too. Forget about how long your streak is, just do something else.

LINK – About to hit 50 days. Time to spread some knowledge and experience.

By X276