Age 16 – My life turned a complete 180. So many benefits.

Wow It’s been a crazy journey of relapsing many many many many many times to finally succeeding.

I’m just gonna get everything out of my chest and maybe leave 🙂

So my life turned a complete 180 after I’ve stood sober. I feel like a new man. A man who’s not a burden to society but rather a merit. Let me list some of the amazing things that happened.

(Not trying to flaunt sorry lol)

-I got my desired scores at school

-I finally got in shape

-I finally stopped fantasizing about weird fetishes

-I stopped thinking about sex all the time

-I’ve murdered social anxiety

-My charisma irl is unreal now

-My family is actually proud of me now. I stopped being that fat slob who would “do things” infront of a computer and have no life. They Love my presence now.

-My energy and motivation are back to what a normal teenager should have.

-I genuinely feel like a kid again and simple hearty wholesome moments really do make me smile a big ass smile now.

-Music is much more “fun” now

-I moved closer to God

-Made more friends than I ever thought I’d have.

-Confidence, Confidence, and confidence. It’s finally back! 😀

-My voice is not squeaky anymore.

-My “stuff down there” is much more “alive” now.

-Life has this wholesome feel now.

Wow. Just wow.

Edit and P.S.: A big Special THANK YOU to everyone in this sub who keeps others fired up! Wish you all the best! You’re awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing everyone and never give up!!

LINK – Too Impatient to make a 90 day post, so here’s my 89 day post!

by ClassicWestern3