Age 16 – The sharp thinking I had years ago is back. The results in school are through the roof. Feel calmer & happier


I finally reached the goal of 90 days! During those 90 days, I was working out a lot, meeting my friends more often than before, and me and my girlfriend have been together for 5 months – it has been probably the best time of my life!

Throughout those 3 months, I also managed to bring back the sharp thinking I had years ago, my results in school are through the roof and I just feel calmer and happier overall. Although everybody is talking about some “superpowers”, I have never experienced one of them – but the brain fog was real and was hindering me overall!

The only thing I did was use the time I wasted in fapping to be productive and workout/study/go out with friends. I am grateful to have arrived while I am still 16 and enjoy my life to the fullest!

One tip from me to the beginners: keep yourself busy all the time. Most of the urges I had were while I was busy with more important things to me like school, working out or preparing to go out on a date/with friends.

So keep going, NoFapstronauts- the journey is all worth it!

LINK – 90 days and going!

by armorbug3