Age 17 – 750+ Days of NoFap: 5 Most Important Lessons


Here, I will simply paste in the 5 most important lessons I learned from that post. If you’d like, go back and read my full story. First, NoFap is only the beginning of a tough, but exciting, journey of self change. NoFap may seem like the hardest thing, but when you take more risks and go further outside your zone, things will be harder than you ever imagined they could be.

But you will be ready for them.

Second, your testosterone levels will increase every single day. Not just after 7 days. Those studies about the 7 days after masturbation refer to the INCREASE in testosterone, not the actual levels themselves. You must do everything in your power to go to 90 days and beyond. There’s a reason those streaks have far more benefits than a mere week. And from what I’ve learned about setting and achieving goals, you DON’T want to take it ‘one day at a time’. You DO want to have a future goal in mind, a light at the end of the tunnel that motivates you to keep up your good act. Better yet, imagine that your mother is watching you at all times, sitting wherever you are every second. Do you want to distract yourself and jerk off while she’s around, or do you want to make her proud and do things that will build your life?

Third, the ‘superpowers’ are real, but you must use them properly and proactively work to make them even greater. Brain clearing up? Start journaling and reading more books. Physical energy rising? Take cold showers and get up as early as possible. Max out your exercise routine. Do squats and deadlifts, the toughest lifts in the gym. Do 50 pushups every single morning. Increased confidence talking to people? Go talk to as many people as you possibly can, especially the ones who you are afraid to talk to. If you don’t maximize your benefits like this, then soon you will get used to them, and you will fall into flatline. Sometimes flatline is unavoidable, but for me, because of my sequence of events, it was unavoidable for me. If you’re in a flatline, remember Winston Churchill’s advice: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” There is an exception though: when you get your pheromones and attract girls with all your semen retention, focus on ignoring them. You have a lot of recovery time left; I believe you shouldn’t focus on getting girls until after day 90. The brain needs its rest. Instead, you should continue the pattern of self-improvement.

Fourth, stop spending so much time online. Internet addiction is the root of your porn addiction, and cutting it out [only using the internet for up to 3 hours per day] will bring you far greater ‘superpowers’ than just NoFap alone. Be inspired by the world. There’s a certain bliss that comes with being ignorant about the weather and news. And when others talk about it, you’re hearing it for the first time. There’s a nice feeling about that.

Fifth, there are certain values [which NoFap helps you develop] that everyone appreciates in others: a work ethic, sticking to your guns, trusting your instincts, a focus on bringing value to others, persistence, proactivity, using your environment to make creative decisions, self-discipline, going out of your comfort zone frequently, problem solving skills [using everything you know to work your way through a problem, bringing you closer to the answer without really knowing it], and a tendency to have independent thoughts. By thinking independently, I don’t mean trolling around on independent news media and becoming part of the cult of zombies that believes that the world will end, etc. I mean really think about the knowledge you have about people and the world, settle it in for a while, and write your conclusions about that information. Usually, it will be different from what anyone else came up with, but it will be accurate. This has been my method of journaling since I started using the internet less.

Good luck to all Fapstronauts and hope you’re as successful as I’ve been. The world is yours, it’s your life, time to own it, and you can’t own it if you’re glued to the screen 🙂

This is my third post attempting to detail my experience with NoFap, but I guess the first two were too long. The stories are here:×9/640_days_of_nofap_and_counting_what_ive_learned/

LINK –750+ Days of NoFap: 5 Most Important Lessons

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