Age 17 – Day 181 – My feelings are now strong, and no longer dull, increased confidence


Well where to start? Even though the 90 days were completed there was still this kind of feeling in my bones that I need to move on and so did I. I told myself fuck it why not? I’ve already made it once I could do it twice. Besides I didn’t feel like it would be worth it to start fapping again as these 90 days showed me how awesome it is to abstain from this selfish poison.

Not too much has changed over these additional 90 days apart from my confidence as it is still increasing with each day. But I think in general I do want to change more thats why I used the time to improve myself even more and all I can say is it definitly pays off. One thing that has also has become better are my feelings. They are now a lot stronger and not as dull as they used to be when I PMOed. I really like this and I can control my feelings quite well so it’s cool. The other benefits I listed in my previous post became a little bit better but not too much.

One thing that has to be mentioned is even though I managed to succed the 90 day challenge sometimes it does happen that I think about just trying it but even before I can start doing some stuff I might regret – like opening taps etc.- I can catch myself before making a terrible mistake and I am able to stay away of it. It does get easier the further you go but you always have to pay attention no matter how many days you have already abstained from this meaningless waste of time and energy.

In conclusion : This challenge is more than just a challenge like climing a tree or something and you can actually benefit a lot from it and it is completely free. It is worth it to keep going as you keep the benefits it gives you and these 90 days are just the warm up for an even longer period. My next goal is to finish a whole year without PMOing because it became a kind of passion for me to stay clean! Thanks to everyone on this Subreddit this community is truly awesome and I am so proud to be a part of it. Much love to yall and Stay Strong.

I am 17 years old.

LINK – 181 Days of NoFap

By WarrriorOfSerenity