Age 17 – Energized and full of life


So i come home walking from school on a beautiful sunny day, and just enjoying the fact that I get out early (because I’m a senior and really completed all my necessary classes for my high school qualifications). And when I get home, my mother greets me with so much passion “Son your home!” And then she says… “you look so energized and full of life did you get a good night sleep yersterday?

” little did my mother know I made day 90 Nofap .. rest assured I didn’t say this. So I replied… “It’s just a good day moms…”

Life is beautiful my dudes… Self discipline, self control, I’ve learned more about how my body works, I’ve gained moral values regarding women, my view on sex has changed, and more

Keep pushing…

You’ll get there…

It’s worth the suffering…Flatlines, depression from lack of heightened dopamine levels, dealing with urges, withdrawals (there are some believe it or not I’ve gotten headaches from not being able to rub one off) but none of that matters now

Now? I work on achieving other great things in life man. Hitting the gym now more than ever, working hard, going to school, going after the girl I love, and nofap just gives the strength to get all these things done man. So do it!

[Why did I do NoFap?] Low energy, no gainz from gym, feelings of femininity from lack of masculinity (dominance, deeper voice, low testosterone)

I’m 17.

LINK – I’d like to say… it’s been a fucking Ride… 90 Days

By RayRayGoHard